My Doula Philosophy

Giving birth is an experience that is one of the most significant and memorable of a birthing person’s life. It’s an experience full of joy, wonder, and a lot of unknowns. This day in age, I feel birth is sometimes treated as more of a medical procedure than a natural, memorable, and beautiful experience. This does NOT mean that I believe a birth experience should only be natural. As a birth doula, it is my belief that all birthing people should have the positive birth experience they envision, no matter what that involves. Whether you want a natural birth, interventions such as an epidural or pain medication, a c-section, hospital birth or birth center, I believe it is your absolute right to have the birth experience you envision for yourself, free of judgment.

As your birth doula, I provide emotional, physical, and educational support to the birthing person and their partner before, during, and after birth. I help you advocate for yourself by providing knowledge and insight so you can make informed decisions that you feel are best for you before and during labor. I believe that having constant support, whether that be through comfort measures, insight and knowledge, or just having someone wholly be there with you through this experience, makes a huge impact on the overall experience.

Doctors, midwives, and nurses focus on the medical aspects of the birth experience, while the doula focuses on the emotional and physical support side for you and your partner. Together they are committed to helping you achieve an overall happy and safe birth experience.

I believe the feeling of being cared for and supported contributes to a positive memory of the birth experience. In a time that can be scary and vulnerable, having the support of a doula whose primary purpose is to support you and your partner can make a positive impact.

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A Little About Me

I am from northern NJ (Sussex County), and I have been in Montclair and around Essex county for 6 years. I have a Bachelors degree in psychology, and a Masters degree in industrial & organizational psychology. While I have a background in psychology and organizational development and had been working in human resources for 6 years, the career path I had chosen was not fulfilling and I felt something was missing. I decided to follow my passion in supporting and caring for those growing their families. I haven’t looked back since! I am currently completing my doula certification training through DONA International.

I also have a background in nannying and caring for little ones from infants to preteens. I always had a love of babies and supporting others, having worked in the childcare field, and love being able to support families during such an important and sacred part of their lives.

Being multiracial, I am passionate about supporting families of all different backgrounds, and believe in supporting clients’ birth choices free of judgement. I enjoy educating clients on all their options, and empowering them to be able to make informed decisions regarding their care. I am empathetic, dedicated, and compassionate. I pride myself on being able to create strong relationships and bonds quickly, and helping people feel at ease.

Some fun facts about me: I LOVE food and traveling. I’ll try just about anything once. I love reading. I just got married in August 2018 and live with my husband, our two cats, and our chinchilla.

I do not care what kind of birth you have...home birth, scheduled cesarean, epidural hospital birth, or if you birth alone in the woods next to a baby deer.
I care that you had options, that you were supported in your choices, and that you were respected.
— January Harshe